Paragon International Insurance Limited is a licensed international life insurance company that offers specialized insurance products. Located in Belize, Paragon International Insurance Limited (PIIL) has an international clientele and maintains international standards as required by the International Insurance Act Chapter 269 of the laws of Belize 2000 revised edition. (The Act)

Paragon, in collaboration with other associated International Financial Services Providers, presently offers two competitive products, the Variable Life and Variable Annuity. These products are tailored to the investment and estate planning needs of high net-worth individuals world wide and provides the following advantages:

  1. Insurance Protection
  2. Strategic Income Accumulation
  3. Business conducted in US currency, Euro, British pound sterling
  1. Confidentiality
  2. Domicile in A stable international jurisdiction – Belize
  3. An Affordable alternative to other wealth accumulation vehicles

Our Service

  • Income and Capital Gains Deferred Advantages

It gives the policyholder the ability to carry out a self-directed investment strategy on a tax-advantaged basis with far more investment options than are currently available with conventional variable annuities in the United States.

  • Paragon’s Asset Protection and Deferred Variable Annuity

We have designed a single-premium variable life insurance annuity that is a very powerful asset protection and income planning tool. In essence it is an annuity contract that can be customized to a person’s individual needs.

  • Asset Protection

The Paragon Asset Protection and Deferred Variable Annuity Plan utilizes two strategies to protect exposed assets from the claims of creditors and other prospective litigants – exchange of assets and encumbrance of assets.

Our Group